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​Current Class Schedule

​•Monday 9:30 AM ~ Gentle Yoga and Meditation
During this class you will experience deep relaxation through moving meditations, controlled breathing (pranayama) and gentle stretches. This class concludes with 10 minutes of silent meditation. If you are a beginner, have trouble turning off your mind, or just need to feel silent stillness then this class is perfect!

Tuesday 10 AM ~ Yoga Flow with Stina
This an active class with emphasis on strengthening and toning the muscles. This class is great for an advanced beginner looking to take their practice to the next level.

Wednesday 9:30 AM ~ Gentle Chair Yoga
Great for seniors or people recovering from injury or surgery, this class allows those who feel a regular yoga class may be too difficult or that they do not have the balance and flexibility.  Pre-registration for this class is required.

Wednesday 6:30 PM ~ Candlelight Yoga & Meditation
This class is similar to Monday morning’s class, but enhanced by the peacefulness of candlelight.  

Thursday 9:30 AM & 6:30 PM ~ Introduction to Vinyassa Flow
In this class the student will become familiar with the sun salutation, while incorporating the use of their own body weight to strengthen and tone muscles.

Friday 9:30 AM ~ Core Yoga
This is a class for the advanced practitioner of yoga, with emphasis on strengthening the core and upper body through arm balances and inversion.

Saturday 9:30 AM ~ Grounding Yoga
From beginner to advanced there’s something for everyone in this class. This class will focus on alignment, while also being mindful of one’s foundation. This will create a grounding experience and an awareness of the present moment.